Personalized, caring therapy

We specialize in providing treatment for children, transgender and gender queer teens, adults, and queer couples.

Therapy for children and teens

Did your child have a traumatic experience? I provide help with coping skills, regulating behaviors, and long-term healing, and growth.

Safe & Sound Protocol

SSP is a listening therapy designed to help with trauma, anxiety, attachment disorders, sensory processing disorders, and more.

Transgender teens

Your teenager can launch into adulthood successfully. Therapy is a nonjudgemental space where teens learn skills and techniques to overcome challenges.

Layla Subhani

I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist dedicated to helping children, teenagers, and adults live their best lives in Napa, California. 

If you are a parent at the end of your rope, or if your child seems to be drowning in struggles, I am here to help. Whether the challenges affecting your family are caused by bullying, behavioral issues, emotional issues, sensory-related challenges, trauma, or LGBTQIA+ struggles, I can work with your child and teenager to get to the root of the issue and create some relief.

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